Investors can purchase equity/securities (A$$ETcoins) today through Assetcoin's Reg CF Offering hosted by PicMii Crowdfuding


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Generally, ground-floor opportunities like this never reach Urban America and only reach the masses after wealthy investors have positioned themselves ahead of them.  By design, Assetcoin makes it affordable for everyday common folks with not a lot of resources to be an investor in the Assetcoin movement.

The Minimum Investment is only $10.00. Assetcoin is seeking only $5,000,000 in this round, so the opportunity will not last long. If you invest $10.00, you will receive a 2x bonus multiplier on the number of tokens you receive once they are distributed.


For example, if the token was trading at $1.00 and you invest $10.00, your 2x bonus multiplier doubles your book value to 20 coins/tokens. The investor receives 20 coins/tokens for their $10.00 investment: thereby, reducing the base price of the coin/token from $1.00 down to $0.50 per coin/token.

When Assetcoin closes its initial Seed Round, the 2x bonus multiplier will no longer be offered.

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