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Regardless if you love your job or not; to continue earning money doing a job is a compromise you can’t afford to continue doing. Thanks to technology, society’s dependence on income from a job for money is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Our mission here at Northeast Capital Fund II, LLC is all about helping you gain financial independence through the accumulation of assets. We show you how to generate alternative sources of income; such as, building assets, to help you create generational wealth. To aid in your journey on the road to financial independence; we suggest you being with this approach:

First, realize that you are financially dependent on your job. Most of the people who work do not realize they have a choice or the capability to become financially independent.

Second, reduce your financial dependency step-by-step; start by generating alternative sources of income like the accumulation of assets.

Alternative income (generated by investments) turns into the accumulation of assets, the larger your alternative income becomes, the less dependent you are on money from a job (figure 1).

So, build assets to liberate yourself and become financially independent; more importantly, build them to generate wealth for your family - make this your “top priority” – it’s a goal worth achieving.

Assets or resources range from savings accounts and business ownership to education and health; such as, owning a car or a home, college savings and retirement accounts, job skills and social networks: these are all assets too.

Life without them is challenging and unpredictable; however, life with assets stabilizes families and strengthens communities.

  • With assets, people can:

  • Remain stable through financial emergencies.

  • Stay in their homes and neighborhoods.

  • Use their good credit to secure a mortgage.

  • Pursue higher education for themselves or their children.

  • Take risks that result in a better job or starting a business.

  • Save for retirement.

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