This Is Why

  • Supportive

    A$$ETcoin is one of few tokens or coins designed to be supported by a hard asset, real estate, cash and monthly cash flow derived from real estate holdings that will appreciate over time.

  • Innovative

    A$$ETcoin is one of few tokens or coins designed with an ecosystem of companies deliberately intended to enhance the value of the coin and generate additional profits for the investor or token/coin holder.

  • Impressive

    A$$ETcoin is one of few tokens or coins designed to return 20% of all profits derived from its ecosystem of companies to the investor or token/coin holder.


Social Benefits of A$$ETcoin


When capital is available to all, it allows people to improve their economic way of life; likewise, A$$ETcoin increases asset acquisition opportunities to those living in capital challenged communities.


  • Unlike traditional loans, NCF provides loans based on the borrower’s DTI or ability to pay; instead, of one’s credit score or payment history.”


  • NCF is in pursuit of financial inclusion of the masses to help rebuild communities across America and to make capital available to all.


  • No matter what, NCF will continue to advocate, educate and introduce some of the most innovative financial programs the financial industry has ever seen.


  • A$$ETcoin is a stable, trustworthy, and more valuable than all other tokens or coins in the market today.

A$$ETcoin ecosystem consist of:

  • 1) A real estate company to purchase and manage real property,

  • 2) A construction development company to construct, rehab and develop real property,

  • 3) A mortgage / lending operation to lend capital into underserved communities using a proprietary lending platform to minimize risk and eliminate loss, and

  • 4) A Hedge fund to invest capital into worthwhile projects that bring an added benefit and monetary return to the investor or token/coin holder.

Our EcoSystem

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